Pioneers in Robotized Industrial Inspection

We provide industrial inspection robotized services since 2012 to the mining and utility industries. We have specialized in developing technology (software and hardware) as well as acquiring the necessary abilities to operate in situ offered by our staff of professionals.

Why choose us?

The company constantly cultivates the development of three core capabilities required to provide robotic industrial inspection services.


Data Analytics Capability (DA-Cap). Capable of developing advanced analytics tools based on Machine Learning. Our company has expert data scientists in applied artificial intelligence. We have specialized in the analysis and interpretation of great quantities of data obtained on-site. Our software tools enable us to provide timely reports with critical data about the state of various systems essential to the mining and industrial operation. 


Hardware Development Capability /HD-Cap). Capable of designing, producing robotic hardware systems. Since our beginnings we have developed 90% of the robotic hardware used in our inspections. We have produced two lines of robotic vehicles with land traction (ORG/VIZCA), an underwater inspection system (SIAM1) and sensors that enable us to describe with precision the integrity of various industrial components.

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On-Site International Operations (OS-Cap). Ability to operate various robotic equipment in the difficult terrain which exists in mining and utility companies, in Chile as well as foreign countries. We have staff specialized in high altitude operations, confined spaces, as well as, a lot of experience in the safe operation of robotic equipment.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our technology has enabled us to implement pioneer services in the inspection of critical assets of mining and utilities, by means of the development of high technology which makes un unique in the Chilean and Peruvian markets.
Maquintel has been part of various innovation projects, working together with various and important national organizations concerned about the technologic development of the country, this is why we are extremely proud to be part of the great progress of Chilean technological matters.


The Maquintel team is proud of the teamwork and professionalism that is developed in the field. Together with our clients and the technologies we handle, an optimal and cautious operation is achieved with which excellent results are obtained.

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