Tailing Canal Inspection

Reliability evaluation service of great-extension tailing canals employed to transport tailings or residual waters used in mining.

We are pioneers in this area, since 2016 we have incorporated the concept of robotized inspection of tailing canals, having inspected the two longest tailing canals of the world, as well as the oldest one. We currently offer our services in Chile and Peru.

Benefits and Results

Service specifications

  • Software for the detection and description of anomalies capable of analyzing great quantities of data in a limited time
  • Speed of inspection of 80 kilometers in three days
  • Patented Method of location of the damage
  • Inspection of uninterrupted segments of up to 6 kilometers

  • High resolution digital video and photographs
  • 3D laser data gathering process within the canal
  • Automatic recognition and description of damages or anomalies

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