Robot ORG-DP7

One of the robots Caterpillar version created to describe the wear and corrosion in metallic pipes using the Software of Wear in Pipes.

ORG DP7 is a pipe inspection robot based on a configuration of crawling caterpillars attached side by side to the series ORG V7.

The robot has a differential configuration allowing it to maneuver within the pipes and is greatly protected so it is able to operate underwater.

DP7 is capable of submitting a series of specific data obtained from the 3D Scanner sensors, Profilometry and HD Video.


  • Dimension 1305 x 285 x 240 mm
  • Weight 40 kg
  • Autonomy 2 km
  • IP Classification IP68
  • Maximum speed 0.7 km/h
  • Maximum Payload 20 kg
  • Scope 700 m
  • Engine power 200 W
  • Traction Two crawling caterpillars ORGV7
240 mm
1305 mm
285 mm
1305 mm
240 mm
285 mm

Robot Specifications

  • Ideal for range inspections between 12” and 20”
  • Voltage from 12 to 24 V
  • Energy consumption of 12 ah
  • Cable or battery feed

  • Instruments 3D Scanner, Profilometer and HD Video
  • Digital communication via 1 km long cable
  • Operating method by means of Joystick or autonomous control

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