Robot ORG-V7

One of the caterpillar version Robots created for the description of wear and corrosion of metallic pipes using the Pipe Wear Software.

ORG V7 corresponds to the seventh version of the Maquintel traction caterpillar allowing the transportation of cameras and measurement instruments towards the interior of the pipes.
In the heart of the ORG V7 is the Dunkermotoren German engine, which assures its quality and durability.

The caterpillar features a degree of protection IP68 allowing it to operate underwater, and is capable of submitting a series of specific data obtained thanks to the 3D Scanner sensors Profilometry and Ultrasound.

ORG was created to avoid anomalies that may be present in the pipes, as they may diminish transportation efficiency and generate serious operational failure such as blockage and material spillage.


  • Dimension 477 x 115 x 100 mm
  • Weight 7 kg
  • Autonomy 1 km
  • IP Classification IP68
  • Maximum speed 0.7 km/h
  • Maximum Payload 50 kg
  • Scope 1 module ORG 100m
  • Scope 2 modules ORG in parallel 300 m
  • Engine power 800 W
  • Traction Oruga
116 mm
475 mm
100 mm
475 mm
116 mm
100 mm

Robot Specifications

  • Robots for service in pipes for ranges starting at 5 inches
  • Voltage from 12 to 24 V
  • Energy consumption of 12 ah
  • Feedback with Telemetry Operator, Digital Video

  • Cable or battery feed
  • Operating method by means of Joystick or autonomous control
  • Digital communication via 1 km long cable

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