LiDAR data Analysis Software

Our Software enables the analysis of grate quantities of data generated by the sensors LiDAR, which are in a cloud point format.

Due to the combination of algorithms of advanced analytics and Machine Learning, our software enables automate tasks of registration, filtration, aligning, analysis and object description.

The result is precise and concise data of the main points of interests, critical areas and a general view of the status of the asset.

Software Characteristics

  • Register: Data gathering from a cloud point and position with a high level of precision. Consolidation and data alignment for further analysis.
  • Report generation: Description of the main points of interest. Clear and concise data to enable the planning of maintenance campaigns.

  • Analysis: Automatic detection of anomalies and points of interest by means of algorithms from Machine Learning and advanced analytics from the cloud point. It allows the analysis of Terabytes of data in days.

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