Robot Mini VIZCA 400

The Mini Vizca 400 is a medium sized robot adapted for the inspection of great diameter pipes and for long range, a smaller version of the Vizca family.

Maquintel has developed this robot thanks to the experience acquired during the inspection of over 600 km of tailing canals and large diameter pipes.

Mini Vizca has a renewed control interface, greater autonomy, can carry an internal 3D sensor Scanner, laser profilometer and various sensors.

VIZCA has experience great growth since its creation, going through various improvements and always combined with new technologies, generating great impact for our clients.


  • Dimensions 420 x 355 x 900 mm
  • Weight 28 kg
  • Autonomy 10 km
  • IP Classification IP66
  • Maximum speed 15 km
  • Maximum Payload 30 kg
  • Scope RF at 150m 1km with cable
  • Engine power 800 Kw
  • Traction 4X4
355 mm
912 mm
678 mm
912 mm
355 mm
678 mm

Robot Specifications

  • Ideal for long range inspections, adaptable robot
  • Energy consumption 10A. 12v, 4km/h
  • Compatibility with sensors such as Laser Profilometer and 3D Scanner

  • Voltage 12v nominal voltage
  • Operating method by means of Joystick or autonomous control
  • Digital communication via cable or RF

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