Robot VIZCA D400

Robot that has been in operation for 5 years, created to monitor the wear in large extension tailing canals and the construction of hard to reach structures using the data analysis software LiDAR and Machine Learning.

Vizca D400 is the latest version of the long-range inspection robot family of the Vizca series.

Maquintel has developed this robot thanks to the experience acquired in the inspection of over 600 km of tailing canals and large diameter pipes, and which has a renewed control interface, greater autonomy and is compatible with new sensors allowing it to obtain critical data.

The D400 version is available for our clients who wish to inspect hard-to-reach areas, delivering them with a series of data they can later use to take preventive measures and avoid operational malfunctions, by increasing system reliability and optimizing the operators’ actions.


  • Dimension 704 x 602 x 531 mm
  • Weight 40 kg
  • Autonomy 15 km
  • IP Classification IP66
  • Maximum speed 6 km/h
  • Maximum Payload 50 kg
  • Scope maximum with control and RF video: 150 m
  • Engine power 800 KW
  • Traction 2x4
670 mm
970 mm
710 mm
970 mm
670 mm
710 mm

Robot Specifications

  • Ideal for long distance inspections, adaptable Robot
  • Voltage 12V nominal
  • Energy consumption of 10A. 12v, 4 km/h

  • Operator feedback with optional RF Video, Telematics and beacon by sound
  • Analog communication, RF, ROS compatible
  • Operating method by means of Joystick or autonomous control

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